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Shivah IOS

Ever wondered what it who be like to be a rabbi solving a murder? Well with Shivah you can. You play as Russell Stone the rabbi at a synagogue that is about to go under. Rabbi Stone is visited by an officer one night after a sermon telling him that a recently murdered man has left him a large sum of money. Shivah has a noir feel, combined with the voice acting creates a compelling atmosphere.The game offers you a variety of ways to handle each situation, whether it is the aggressive route or the diplomatic route you have the ability to choose. These 3 factors pull you into the world and makes you feel as if you are rabbi stone. With all that being said, Shivah has some issues that can make the game difficult to play. Shivah doesnít give you any clues; if you get stuck at some point (which happened to me many times) youíll have to figure it out yourself which can be difficult. The controls, the basic moving controls are fine but when accessing your inventory to look at clues can be a little touchy and you cannot open it while logged onto a computer which makes it easy to lose track of what you are looking for. Finally the price of $1.99 is a little steep because the game only has the one play through so there isnít very much replay value. At the end of the day, Shivah is good game with flaws but it is playable. Iíd recommend this game if you had to take a long bus ride or flight because itís a game that youíll want to finish in go.

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: 1.99

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja IOS

Blocking, punching and kicking are the skills that youíll be helping teach to an uncoordinated ninja throughout the game Clumsy Ninja. When you first open the game you think ďoh great another wack your boss type of gameĒ, but this game is far from that. The object of the game is to help train your ninja friend to become a less clumsy ninja and find his friend Kira that has been kidnapped. This game is simply addicting for these reasons. This game is easy to play and way in which the ninja is trained is fun. The game is a great pick up and play type of experience. I'll go over how the game rewards you for playing. For instance your ninja comes up and gives you high fives, but more importantly you see your ninja progress from being uncoordinated and falling on trampolines to being able to perform tricks while bouncing. The only problem that I had with Clumsy Ninja is the wait time on the objects in the game. Once you finish using something you have to wait a certain amount of time until it can reset. There are ways around this of course like watching an ad for another game, or tweeting about the game. Which are fine, but for those who donít want to do either of these, itís kind of a bummer because you could be waiting forty-five minutes plus at certain times. Apart from that Clumsy ninja is really fun to play and with price tag of free itís a deal that you shouldnít pass up.

Rating Overall: 8/10
Price: Free

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire IOS

Catching Fire the game plays like temple run, the character is running through each district collecting resources to help with the rebellion all the while being chased by bee from the capitol. The game feels broken to a certain extent. Sometimes when you try to move your character he wonít always respond to the commands, this leads to an eventual game over which can be very frustrating when you are having a good round. Another issue I had with the game was how fast your pressures are. This makes the game quite difficult at times if you move your character too much he or she will be caught by the bees and you will have a game over. What Catching Fire the game does well is that at the start of each round you get to choose some perks which help you in the game. For example one perk is you get a extra point while running through district 4 which is helpful when you get to choose the districts that you can run through. The last thing I feel this game does well is when you get to a certain point during the round you get to shoot targets which gives you point, I liked the idea but sometimes even when you click a target to shoot the game will not respond and you end up losing points. Catching Fire the game tries blend new ideas into temple run. Some work some do not. My advice if you are trying to choose what game to pick steer clear, stick with temple run it is better experience that has less bugs.

Rating Overall: 4.5/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby
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