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"Stray Animals"

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird IOS

Love/hate relationships are a part of life. Flappy Bird from .gear is another aspect of life that falls into that corner. In Flappy Bird you play as a little bird trying to fly through pipes that oddly resemble ones from a video game classic, the objective is to fly through as many as you can before you crash. This is a game that gamers need to beware of, on the surface it looks like an easy pick up n' play game but in reality this game will eat you up and spit you out. Flappy Bird is a little overly sensitive, this can make getting into a groove difficult this does not make unplayable though just some added difficulty to an already tough game. What this game has going for it is how addicting it can be. For instance one minute you will be feeling great about yourself because you just beat your extremely high score of twelve then you crash then it take hours before you get close to beating your score. This just pulls in for two reasons; one the game makes you feel so pathetic because how low your high score is. The second one being you always feel your score is within reach but in reality it is not. Gamers will have fun with game for a few months then it will fade into the abyss that all games similar to this are destined to. It is time to fly little birdies go make it through those pipes.

Rating Overall: 6/10
Price: Free

Farm Ninja HD

Farm Ninja HD IOS

An important part of the path of the ninja is the skill with the blade. We have all had lots of practice with Fruit Ninja, but now it is time to graduate and move onto Farm Ninja from Cravecreative. In Farm Ninja you are cutting up farm animals instead of fruits which are refreshing change as fruit are boring. Another aspect that gamers will appreciate is the amount fun sweet artwork that is visually stimulating. Finally the difficulty level in this game is just right, its easy enough that you will not get to frustrated playing but harder enough to force you to try and beat your high score. Gameplay is flawless; gamers will not run into any problems with lag or any crashing issues that can make this type of experiences unplayable. The problem that I had with the game was the lack of game modes. I think if there were a time trial mode or some kind of longest combo mode would give an already fun game another layer that will keep gamers playing. Farm Ninja is a great pick up and play experience, you will find enjoyment playing anywhere.

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free

Luck O' The Irish

Luck O' The Irish IOS

Ever want to go to the pub and play some slots but, had the moral dilemma of going out on a week night? Well now your problem has been solved! Gamers and pub goers can rejoice because iDOR interactive has brought us Luck O the Irish right into our hands. Luck O the Irish is a slot machine found in lots of pubs throughout the UK. This is a well-crafted port, everything is nicely polished and the game runs smoothly. Gameplay is rather simple as all you do is push a button and hope you get the Jackpot. The one problem that this game will run into is the general market for it. A slots fan will love this game as it works fine and it brings everything that is great about a slot machine to your hands. On the other hand someone like me who does not play to many slots may not find as much enjoyment out of this game because you will just confused by all the flashing lights. This is fun and addictive though, this game is great for riding the bus or killing time. So gamers will you spin the wheel with Luck O the Irish?

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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