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HonorBound IOS

Rating Overall: 5/10
Price: Free
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The ongoing debate continues about whether RPG games can these great experiences on mobile devices. Coming to us recently is HonorBound from Juicebox games another RPG game for your mobile device. The question is does it help the argument that RPG’s can be these great epic experiences on your phone or tablet. In HonorBound you choose a hero and you go through dungeons, leveling up and becoming a total badass like you do in every other RPG. It has all the basic elements that cater to all player styles. HonorBound brings one semi unique idea to the game thought. As you battle through the world you are assembling an army. How you do this is by engaging in battle. Once in battle you use your capture ability and it gives you the probability of capturing the unit. So essentially this is a dungeon crawling Pokemon title that lets you choose whether you are a mage or a warrior, it does not bring anything to the table that we have not seen before. Which is disappointing because there are great games like Shadow Sun that really show us what kind of game experiences a mobile device can handle. Sadly for all RPG lovers but this game is disHonorBound.

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free
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It’s time to take a ride, but this time it is not the ride of your life or is it? Dhooms: 3 from Robosoft and 99 games, is a game that seems like Temple Run. Your goal is to make is as far as you can before you crash. Innovation wise this is not something new it is a game that we have seen before whether it is Temple Run or The Catching Fire the game for your mobile device. So if you are a gamer that does not like Temple Run then this definitely not the game for you. What Dhooms: 3 has going for it is the graphics and the interface. The game itself works well no lagging issues or crashing problems so you will not experience gamer rage that causes devices to become broken. Controls are tilt based and they are fantastic. They really put you into the driver seat and immerse you right into the game. This is something that I have never experienced in this type of experience. At the end of the day this is a fun game I think that there is a bit of niche for this kind of experience so not everyone will enjoyment. Gamers the highway awaits.

Kingdom's Heyday

Kingdom's Heyday IOS

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: $1.99
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My lord or Lady it is time to take control of the Kingdom in Kingdome’s Heyday from Melesta Games. I had a hard time trying to classify this game because I really have not played anything like this before which is great for originality. What you do is every stage you are given objectives that you have to complete that relate to building your kingdom. Each level you can get up to three stars, from three being the best to one being the worst. This game is fast paced as you are constantly trying to get your three stars and pass each level with flying colours. Kingdome’s Heyday is an addictive experience you will not be bored playing this game. I always say this but mobile games being addictive is vital part to their success, Kingdome Heyday fits the bill. Gamers will feel a part of the world as it is vibrant and beautiful. The one problem that I did not like was sometimes it was unclear whether or not a piece could fit into a certain spot. This was sometimes the difference between a three star rating and a two star rating. This was a pain for me but it did not ruin my overall experience. Overall Kingdome’s Heyday is a great game to have on your mobile device. Great Job Melesta Games for bring us another enjoyable game to our fingertips.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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