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"Strangely Vertical"


Tengami IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: $4.99
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Popup books have always been great fun. The taps combined with a little imagination could create endless fun for a young boy. I always thought though it would be fantastic if I was able to go into the story and explore the said world. With Tengami from Nyamyam gamers now can do just that. In Tengami you play a character going through a popup book trying to gather flowers blossoms for a tree that is slowly dying. Tengami uses the popup book design to the fullest, throughout the game you will be solving puzzles which are possible to solve because of the taps you can pull up, down and all around to change the landscape, the page etc. This game is a great example of using its unique mechanics to the fullest. The game is inspired by Japanese art. As a fan of art and gorgeous games Tengami does an amazing job of filling those addictions. Style wise this game is great, but gamers will be asking themselves “sure it looks great but what makes it worth it?” In my mind yes this game is worth it. The reason is that Tengami is a refreshing experience in an oversaturated market filled with killing; cynical villains and three star rating systems and though these games have a place there is just so much of the same thing. It is a nice change to venture through a world where you can leisurely play the puzzles and experience the world not worrying about beating the level with the highest score possible. If you are one of those gamers that only play the Call of Duty's this is not for you as it is not full of killing and such but if you are a fan of unique and fulfilling experiences then a gamer can find lots of enjoyment.

Lionheart Tactics

Lionheart Tactics IOS

Rating Overall: 5
Price: Free
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Are you a tactical genius and you do not even know? Well now it is time awaken that master tactician with Lionheart Tactics from Emerald City Games. What you do is play a hero (no surprise there) and you go around defeating enemies to save the world. This game really is just a Fire Emblem rip off. There are all the classes of warriors that one needs to build the best unit possible. Players can use the terrain to their advantage. What this game has going for is the price tag of free, gamers will not need to waste money if they do not want to, there is a chance that they may waste time though. The one good aspect that I could find is that it works apart from that this game is not anything special. This is unfortunate as there are so many great tactical games that one can get their hands on but this game does have its place. A huge tactic fan will love this game as it does bring all the elements that needed to play a Fire Emblem type of game. With this game the choice is yours to pick up this game.

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo IOS

Rating Overall: 3
Price: Free
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Are you a fan of Discos and the 70's? Are you also fan of Zoos and wanted to run one like Matt Damon? Well if you are a disco fan and an entrepreneur then this week I have the game for you. Disco Zoo from NimbleBit combines both of these in this stylish 8-bit game. What you do is you try to create the best possible zoo by rescuing animals from different corners of the world like a farm or the Jurassic period. As your zoo grows so does your profit and your popularity with critics this gives gamers a false sense of achievement. This is a dangerous game for players as you will find yourself putting a lot of valuable time into this experience, but you get little back. You will find some enjoyment playing this game for the first couple minutes then it just gets old and feels like a chore trying to run a zoo. I wish the game lived up to its name “Disco Zoo” in the sense that it had more Disco music and stinky TV personalities throughout the game but to be far there is a disco party that you can activate which costs Discobucs and latest a limited amount of time. If a gamer can muster up their inner Matt Damon then this is a game for them, if not then go to a real zoo and enjoy the animals.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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