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Frontline Commando 2

Frontline Commando 2 IOS

Rating Overall: 5
Price: Free
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Killings fun right? Let us find out with Frontline Commando 2 from Glu Games Inc. There are lots of game genres that can be ported to a mobile platform; there are also some that should not. One type of game that should not be on mobile devices is shooters of any kind. Regardless if it is first person or third person they just do not work. Frontline Commando 2 is another game that falls into this category. Graphics wise the game great. It has lots of details that great a real warlike atmosphere but like all shooters that make it to our phones and other mobile devices this game falls flat. It’s hard to keep focus on your targets; sometimes the game does not respond to the controls, this takes away lots of the fun one could get from a shooter. What I think this game does well is that makes it easier for the gamer to play without having to worry about multitasking too much. In reality you do not a have to move to much only if you have a rocket being shot at you other than that you just need to focus on taking out the targets to clear each stage. Frontline Commando 2 is not a terrible game but it belongs on a console or a PC like shooters should.

Lost Twins

Lost Twins IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: Free
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Collecting stars can be so fun sometimes! Especially the ones that twinkle bright in the night, well at least that is what Lost Twins makes me believe. Lost Twins from We. R. Play Private Limited is a platforming Puzzle game in which your objective is to collect the stars scattered throughout the level then make it to the red door to go forward onto the next stage. You play a Ben and Abi who need to collect stars so they can proceed to this next room. There are plenty of complete and fun puzzles that will keep your mind occupied. What I liked about this game was how you could manipulate the stages to finish the levels. Each level is composed of boxes that contain stars, the big red door and Abi and Ben. Players can move the boxes around to create corridors that will lead to their currant objective. Lost Twins is a no brainer if you enjoy plate formers and or puzzle games as it fills both of these needs oh and did I mention it was free. With a great price tag and cool graphics and great puzzles you will not be disappointed with this experience.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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For some reason when I was growing up I always enjoyed breaking glass. It did not matter if it was at my family’s favourite Greek restaurant or smashing glass in the back yard. The weird gave sense of euphoria that I got was great, sadly breaking glass on a regular basis is generally shunned by society as it is quite destructive and expensive. So this week I was overjoyed to find Smash Hit from Mediocre a game that is completely dedicated to breaking/smashing glass. The players’ goal is to make it as far as possible before they run out of balls that are used to smash glass. The gamer starts off with 25 balls and throughout the stage they can get more by breaking diamond shaped glass which then gives back balls. There are also powers ups that you can collect. For instance there is a slow time that slows time this allows you to make tricky shots you are in a high traffic area or hit targets that are fast approaching. The stages are all sleek and unique, the games runs smoothly. Another attractive aspect of this game is the price tag of free gamers can also upgrade the game for $1.99 to unlock checkpoints. The only thing that gamers may find a nuisance is the sore neck they will get from looking down at their phone for too long. Overall a great pick up play game that will provide you with tones of fun.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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