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"We Shot First"

Words & Cards

Words & Cards IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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In search of a fun and challenging game that will make you think? If you are then I have just the game for you this week! I present Words & Cards from Ayopaa game that combines the best parts of scrabble and poker. After your first try you will be hooked, this game challenges gamers to be on their toes as you are always playing against other people. Words & Cards is an online game where you are competing against other players all over the place. This leads to a fun and competitive game. If you are someone who does not like playing with other people then this is not a game for you because sometimes you have to wait on your partner to make their move. What I really liked about this game was how it made you feel after you won a game. I honestly felt like the king of the world and a total badass. Gameplay wise this is a complete title that everyone will enjoy but it still needs some fine tuning. For instance there is not a chat yet. If they added a chat I think it would make this game feel more complete because you then could ask your opponent if they are still into your match. Words & Cards is a great game that you will be able to enjoy because every game is different from the last.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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Gamers; it is time to storm the beach and defend it against evil with Boom Beach from Supercell, the people who brought us Clash of Clans. This game is really similar to Clash of Clans; you build your army and your home base and attack an island to harness the ancient power that dwells deep within. This is a fun game but it is nothing new, there have been some many games like this being put it is hard to keep track of them all. What this game has going for it is that it is fun and has a huge world that gamers get ransack battle it out on, also that it works which is sad but it is a selling point for games now a days. I really like the how big the world in this game is, you chose one island to set up your home base and your enemy controls all the other islands which creates this epic underdog story. With your army you go around raiding islands getting resources and making your army stronger. One neat feature that this game brings is that if a unit survives a raid you can deploy them on your next one so you will not have to waste resources on training other units but on other important items. This is a fun and thrilling game that builds off of Clash of Clans.

Star Wars Assault Team

Star Wars Assault Team IOS

Rating Overall: 6
Price: Free
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This week I decided to take a look at Star Wars: Assault Team from LucasArts. With all the buzz and excitement about the upcoming movies that are still a few years away I felt I should get in on the buzz and immerse myself back into the Star Wars universe starting with Star Wars: Assault Team. Lately the Star Wars games that have been launched have either been okay to terrible so I am not going to lie to you guys in saying that I was expecting a perfect game that would redeem all of LucasArts latest tragedies. Star Wars: Assault Team is a turn based RPG in which you start off with one character and slowly level them up and recruit other hero’s to help take down the Empire. What this game has going for it is that it really does a good job in immersing you right into the storyline. It felt battling in some of the more famous moments of the Star Wars universe. Another aspect of the game is you could really see your character progress in levels and in skills. For instance if you start with Luke Skywalker you feel like you are that character progressing to become a Jedi which is really rewarding. Star Wars: Assault Team is flawed though, one being that sometimes you feel that you cannot progress because you do not want to buy some of the in app purchase. Finally this game does have some crashing issues that make it impossible to enjoy the game. Apart from that is a decent free to play game that a Star Wars fan will enjoy. I am sure we will be seeing more of the Star Wars universe the closer it gets to movie time.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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