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Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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Motor biking is fun with any Trials game from Ubisoft's Red Lynx studio, now we can enjoy Trials in our hands with Trials Frontier! Red Lynx did a great job bringing us this game, what I really liked about the game was the controls and how similar it felt to a console experience. The controls are touched based so you do not have to worry about over flipping which is always an issue with games of this genre, this just lets you get right into the game and it feels like it does on the console which is a plus. Another aspect of this game that I enjoyed was how it had a bit of a story. You play as a biker that was injured in a cave collapse and people from a nearby town save you. In the town you can upgrade your bike, learn new tricks, explore the world in terms of finding new courses and help defeat a rival biker that has done terrible things to this peaceful little town. This is the full package and it is free so it is a no brainer to pick up this game even if you are not a hardcore Trials fan. Great job from Red Lynx and publisher Ubisoft(we would not expect anything less).


Sinkers IOS

Rating Overall: 1
Price: Free
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This week is kind of a tale of two puzzles. With Sinkers and 2048 being in the spotlight you will be asking yourself which one is the better one. Well Sinkers is not that great, the whole point of this game is to sink shapes to get the highest score I think. When first opening the game you get a quick tutorial on how to play the game, this little intro does nothing but confuse the player more. After the intro you get to the main menu where you can start a game. Once you start the game the player must sink some shapes then they have to clear these sinker holes. A players starts of a with a certain amount of sinkers and once they run out then your screwed. You either have to pay for more or continue playing a pointless game to get more. I honestly do not understand why a Developer would make such a bland game then try and charge gamers to continue playing, completely stupid if you ask me. The only thing that this game has going for it is the music. Well there you have it, 2048 is the better game. Let us all hold hands and pray that this game sinks out of existence.


2048 IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5
Price: Free
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In search of fantastic new puzzle game? If you are then you are in luck, I bring you 2048 from Ketchapp. This is a great game to have on your device as it is easy to pick up and play, hard enough to challenge even the brightest of minds but easy enough for the casual gamer. The objective in the game is to create a tile with the number 2048 on it; a gamer achieves this by combining tiles in a 4x4 square. What makes this game hard and addicting is that when you move a tile to a side the whole row moves along with it, this makes you take every move into account especially in later rounds when your high score is on the line.Another aspect that I enjoyed was the look of the game. 2048 has a simple and sleek look that adds to the general experience. The only problem that someone may have with this game is that there is the only mode but that is just a personal thing in my mind because I found the one game mode enough for me. This is a fantastic puzzle game that anyone can enjoy, there should be no hesitation if you are thinking about downloading it.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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