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Radiation Island Review


Gamers can walk through an infected island, build weapons, hunt, and scavenge for food with console quality graphics. Radiation Island is a first person survival game from Atypical Games which brings us a monster of an iOS experience. For the price of $2.99 Radiation Island offers so much to gamers for a great price. The first thing gamers will notice with this game is there are no micro transactions. This means that players get what they paid for of the bat. Mechanic wise Radiation Island is stunning game. To start the graphics are absolutely amazing, the amount of details packed into the game is a wonder for iOS. Another mechanical aspect of the game that is great is the sound track. The sounds of the game are eerie, this adds to the feeling of being isolated on a island filled with zombies and other dangerous animals. The control scheme is the weakest part of this game if the player is just using their touch screen. Like all first person games on mobile devices players will have difficulties using the controls. The controls are fairly standard, a duel stick system. One of the joysticks is used to look around, and the other one is for movement. There are also two shoot buttons on the left and right side of the screen. Though touch screen controls are tough, the developers did add something’s to make control scheme less difficult. The game has a auto lock feature that helps when aiming a range weapon at attackers.


Now onto the actual game, the story with Radiation Island is you play as a guy who has woken up on a Japanese occupied island in the 1940’s. The island that your character wakes up on is infested with wildlife that is harmful and less harmful. As well as wildlife, there are zombies everywhere. The zombies are sometimes wielding swords, and other various weapons. The player’s main objective is to go from island to island shutting down electric towers. At times the objective can be unclear. To make the players objective clearer, exploring will the island net player journal entries that describe what the need to be done. If the gamer doesn’t want to play the story mode, they can play the game as just a regular survival horror game. Like Minecraft, the player can collect various materials to build different equipment. The nice part about the game is the game gives all the recipes at the start. This means all the player has to do is collect the items needed to build the edifices. As well as basic tools, the player can also build hang gliders, and boats to travel form place to place.

Radiation Island IOS

The Conclusion

What makes Radiation Island such a great game is the balance between survival and story. With a perfect blend of these elements the player can seamlessly switch between playing types. Overall Radiation Island is a great game for every type of gamer. Players who enjoy sandbox types of experience will have a great time playing this game. Hardened RPG gamers will also love this game because of the balance between survival and story.

Review Done on Radiation Island for IOS
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Rating Overall: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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