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"It's a Short Blast!"

Candy Crush

Candy Crush IOS

For a while now Candy Crush has been one of the top games on the app store and I can see why. Candy Crush is an addictive puzzle game that is a great game to play any time. Whether it is on the bus or at your grandparents for dinner, Candy Crush is great. Just a beautifully crafted game, the art work is fun and creative. When you get a combo and hear the guy say “SWEET” you just feel like a god because you were able to do that. The difficulty in Candy Crush moves with ease so it is an easy transition into the harder levels you reach. The one thing the I found annoying with Candy Crush was what when you run out of lives you have to wait between 15 and 25 minutes to restore your 5 lives. Which is a pain you are really getting into the game but the game gives you the option to buy more lives with really money. At least Candy Crush is not pushy about buying in game stuff. If you do not mind waiting sometimes Candy Crush is a great puzzle game that should be on your smart phone.

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: Free

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die IOS

There are certainly plenty of ways a person can go. The game Dump ways to Die has you keeping a bunch of not too smart cartoon character from perishing in this cute but gruesome game. The game is comprised of mini games that you must complete before the timer runs out and the cartoon character dies a grizzly death. When you first start playing the game you might think “oh this game is so easy”, but that is not the case. When the difficulty jumps you are just fighting against trying to complete the objective and keep your high score going. Dump ways to Die is fun and addictive game that always pushes you to try and beat your previous high score. It is a forgiving game giving you 3 lives which helps on the later stages of the game. Another aspect of the game I liked was just how charming it is. The game is radiating with the love that the developers because of this it makes the game even more enjoyable. The final aspect that I liked was the unlockables. Such as the Dumb ways to Die song that was originally a YouTube video. The one thing that this game is lacking is the variety of mini games, this can make the game boring at times. Apart from that Dumb ways to Die is a great game to pass time in lines or on the bus. If you love cartoon gore then you will love this game.

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free

Frozen Free Fall

Forzen Free Fall IOS

Frozen Free Fall; a new game that you can download from the app store, is based off of Disney’s new movie Frozen. Frozen Free Fall makes you feel like you are playing Candy Crush without all the fun and enjoyment. This game is riddled with problems that take all the enjoyment from the game. The first being the long loading screen. When the game is a “pick up and play” type of experience there should not this type of problem as the player just wants to jump in and get playing. Another problem I had with this game was how quickly the difficulty jumped. I started off fine beating all sorts of levels feeling like a boss and then all of a sudden the game got really hard out of nowhere. After that point the game was a grind. The little fun that I was having before evaporated and I had to turn the game off and let my anger thaw. The final problem I had with this game was how pushy it was to buy all the in game purchases. For instance when I would fail miserably and use up my last life it would always ask me to buy more lives. The one good thing I can say about this game is that it gives you the option to turn off the notifications to buy stuff. If you are ever on the app store and trying to pick between Frozen Free Fall and Candy Crush, choose Candy Crush, because the other will leave you frozen.

Rating Overall: 3.5/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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