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"Crazy Combination"

12 Hours of Hercules

12 Hours of Hercules IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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We all know that Hercules was a heroic badass who did lots of amazing things. Well in 12 Labors of Hercules from Zoom Out Guys and Jetdog studios you can now partake in the amazing things that Hercules had done, how can one miss that chance right. This is a hard game to describe because it is kind of a weird fusion of Civ Rome and those games where you are trying to get a 3 star rating. Your objective is to get from one side of the mad to the other; you do this by repairing bridges and clearing roads. What adds to this games difficulty is that you are timed and that you must also watch your characters energy. To take care of your characters energy you must build building that earn you cheese which means energy, and each of these buildings kind of creates a little economy in each stage. Gamers who enjoy fast paced games will love this because you are always fighting against the clock to get the 3 stars. In my mind this is a good game but I think there is a niche that will love this game and play the hell out of it, other than that I do not see this game being one of the top games on the app store, but it is worth a try.

Zombie Road Trip

Zombie Road Trip IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: Free
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Are you in need of a good road trip with danger lurking around every corner? Well grab that beef jerky and fuel up because Zombie Road Trip is the game for you. Zombie Road Trip is a one of those driving games where your objective is to make it as far as possible before your crash, with the exception in Zombie Road Trip you are being chased by a gigantic horde full of those flesh eating monster. If the horde catches you then that round is finished, this makes you really be conscientious of how you control your car when you hit jumps because on little mistake can lead to a game over. ZombieRT has a currency system, when you complete objectives and beat high scores you gain coins that you can use to purchase new cars or use that hard earned gold for upgrades. ZombieRT also does a good job of catering to every type of gamers. For instance you can choose to play with buttons or tilt controls. ZombieRT is a solid game fun for everyone.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild

Ayakashi Ghost Guild IOS

Rating Overall: 3.5
Price: Free
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Damn, cleansing the world of evil spirits if tough work. Well with all my daemons I think I will be able to do it! Ayakashi from Zynga is game where you play as the hero who recently joins the ghost guild because of your ability to see daemons. When you read the description you think sweet a card fighting game with smooth manga style,but in reality it is not. This game is essentially Brave Frontier with just manga chicks. I was actually excited about this game because I was hoping for a yu gi yo type of experience on my phone but sadly that wasn’t the case. The game has an interesting premise but it is really boring. All you do is click continue and the game does all the work for you. I am all for an iOS game that makes gamers lives easier by taking away some of the unnecessary game play but to take it all away the controls is just silly. What I did like about this game was the art. Being a huge manga/anime fan I think this game looks totally epic but in reality it is a dud. With so many other fantastic games out there do not waste your time by consuming this game.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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