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"Pixel Combat"

Arms Craft : Pixel Space Gun Adventure FPS

Arms Craft : Pixel Space Gun Adventure FPS IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: Free
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Finally a shooter that works like it should on the iPhone well for the most part; I shouldn’t really get peoples hopes up. Arms Craft is a first person shooter that borrows Minecraft's graphics but adds gore and all the other important features that are needed in a FPS. What I liked about this game was that the control scheme actually was not too hard to us and did not feel at all clunky, which is a problem that most FPS’s face on touch screen devices. Another aspect that I enjoyed was how your enemies die. For instance when you kill one they just fall to pieces, watching a larger enemy literally crumble is honestly one of the best possible feelings you can get while gaming. Finally being able to create your own guns is so fun. This game does have a few issues though like all games. First of all this is a game where you really have to grind in order to upgrade your weapons and armour. The second aspect of this game that I did not like was once you created a train of enemies you could just pick’em off Nazi zombie style which made the game tedious at times. Overall this is one of the better iOS shooters that I have played but this game did not change my opinion about shooters on mobile devices.

Lil Smasher

Lil Smasher IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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As a young boy I had fun smashing things as little boy do, but there was always that one priceless item that was always out of my destructive reach. Lil Smasher from BulkyPix allows you to go through this museum playing as an adorable lil monster that’s goal in life is to break the priceless artifacts that are held within the museum. I really liked the visuals in this game they will appeal to youngest destroyers and the biggest man children like me. The way you play the game is you control the sling shot that the monster holds. The controls are really responsive so your phone will not be object getting smashed. What liked about this game is that there are two was you can play one by collecting everything in the level to get the highest possible score and the second is just to smash the objects and progress through the levels. This game really caters to all types of gamers letting the hardcores get all their achievements while the casuals can just have a good time by smashing stuff. Lil Smashers is a great game if you want to rediscover your inner youth, also you cannot beat a free gem.

Age of Wind 3

Age of Wind 3 IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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Ahoy meharties let us go on adventure full of pillaging and plunder. Age of Wind 3 is a pirate game where you go around sinking other ships, doing missions all to turn a profit and become the most feared pirate to sail the 7 seas. I really had fun playing this game; your crew are all fun and not annoying which is a huge plus because sometimes the in game guides can destroy the overall experience of the game. It’s fun just going around and doing the whole looting thing not having to worry about getting stars on you or anything like that. The controls in this are so simple and they work so great I never really had any problems which is another reason that I kept playing this game. Finally I really liked how you could have power ups that enabled you to take down tones and tones of ships. For instance you could call forth the kraken to stun your enemies, and no joke tentacles start reaching out of the water to hit their pray. Age of Wind 3 is a fun little experience on your mobile device, if you are a fan you the pirate life then this is definitely the game for you.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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