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Swept IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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In the market for a new puzzle game that will keep you puzzled? If you are, you should check out Swept. Swept is a puzzle game where you must match the sides of a 3x3 square before they collide. This may sound super easy, but in reality it can be very hard. I found that sometimes you think that you have something aligned but in reality it is not and loose. This may happen because the only colours that are in the game are red, white and black and black and white are the most abundant and it just screws with your senses. Swept is a simply crafted game that is great if you are in line somewhere or you just need to kill time, it is fun but it will not win game of the year. With my thoughts I find this game is great along with how addictive it is and that you always push yourself to beat your previous high score. I had lots of fun playing the game I found it really hard at times because I am somewhat dyslexic and would see stuff backwards but definitely worth the download if you are in the market for a quick picker upper.

Bill Killem

Bill Killem IOS

Rating Overall: 4.5
Price: Free
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It's time to run for your life with Bill Killem! Bill Killem is a game where you must try to run for as long as you can before your die. This game has awesome 8-bit graphics that work great for this game. I had a lot of fun playing this game when I first opened it, but the initial joy that I had soon faded once I started playing this game more intensely. Once I got into this game I realized that this is just a re-skinned version of Jet Joy Ride and this made me really sad and angry. I was enraged because I was a huge fan of Jet Pack Joy ride and a game that tries to be that gem and does it poorly is not a game worth playing in my books. Like this game has abilities that you can upgrade but to unlock those abilities you must pay real money to do so. I understand that they must make some money off of their game but honestly to charge people money for just in game abilities that is real low. My advice is to stay away from this knock off and go with the real deal because this game will kill bill your dreams.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk IOS

Rating Overall: 9
Price: Free
Download Here

With the newest How to Train Your Dragon movie around the corner I thought that I would review the game that was realised on iOS. I honestly hoping for a game where you just got to ride around on dragons, breed dragons and so on and so forth but this is not that at all. The only real way I can describe this game is a combination of Dragon Vale and Castle Ville Legends. When I first discovered this I was completely bummed because I thought that a beloved movie of mine was going to be ruined by a terrible game, this was not the case thankfully. Ludia did a great job of combing the good elements into a full package that you can get for free. The balance between keeping dragons and working on your town is quite well done; a gamer will never feel that they have to overcompensate in one area to be good at this game. Another aspect that I think fans of the movie will really appreciate is that they include characters that appear throughout the movie and the show. This just adds to the universe that the game creates and you feel as if you are actually in Berk and making some of the executive decisions about what happens in the town. Dragons: Rise of Berk is a great game for those who are familiar with the How to Train your Dragon universe or for someone who wants to play a great game.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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