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"Three this Week"

100m Stunt

100m Stunt IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: Free
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If you are in the mood for a challenging lil game that will make you want to pull out your hair then you should definitely checkout 100m Stunt. 100m Stunt is a game made by to individuals, Kim Yu Ho and Yoo Sung Hoon and is powered by Unity. In this experience you play as a little dude with a jet pack and by taping the screen you make his jet pack thrust. Your ultimate goal is to climb 100m above while avoiding so many obstacles. This game reminds me of a combination of Frogy Jump and Flappy Bird. This game sounds extremely simple but it is so hard, at times I really felt like I was playing Flappy Bird and at times I was ready to throw my phone at a wall just like when I played Flappy Bird. I think what gamers will appreciate about 100m Stunt is the simplicity behind the game. This is a thin line but 100m Stunt walks so well with a little swagger in its step. The cute 8-bit graphics are timeless, the music is fun and matches the tone of the game and combined with the simple game play you get an elegantly simple game. 100m Stunt is a fun and perfect for our second game, but is the appearance of games similar to Flappy Bird bad for the gaming industry? Let me know!

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic IOS

Rating Overall: 6
Price: Free
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Evolutions in games is so important, it brings in new audiences, keeps the faithful well faithful and shows us how far a game can be expanded. Adding to games that have evolved is now the latest installment to the Angry Birds franchise is Angry Birds Epic. Rovio again brings us this new imagination of the mobile classic but this time presenting it to us in a Final Fantasy style RPG. Never in a million years would I have thought that this would happen but it did now we live in post Angry Birds epic world and I must say it is interesting. The story is the same as always, evil pigs stealing your eggs but now you must go on an epic quest to reclaim those eggs! What you do in Angry Birds Epic is you go through each stage kicking pig butt. Keeping Angry Bird tradition after each battle you are given stars, one being the worst and three being the best. This is an interesting idea but in reality there is not that much to this game. All it is just a re-skinned Angry Bird game but instead of shooting birds at towers you now engage in epic fights. In reality this game should have been a paid app because it is an interesting idea but could use a little bit more money to make it a unique experience. Well friends this brings us to the end of our time together this week. I hope you check out these games and have a good time gaming!

Jupiter Jump

Jupiter Jump IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: Free
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Hello everyone this week I chose two games that involves jumping and the third being the latest Angry Birds and because of randomness of the games that I chose I really could not think of any fun or cool name that will be stuck in your brains. So without any further delays I present the first game of three this week, Jupiter Jump! Jupiter Jump is a game from Noodlecake Studios that combines Tiny Wings and Jet Pack Joy Ride. You play as an astronaut that crashes on Jupiter and now you must jump as far as you can before you crash into mines. By taping on the screen you make your astronaut dive, by doing this you control the trajectory of your dude to avoid mines. I had lots of fun playing this game; it is super simple and extremely addictive. I found myself playing this game whenever I could or needed to kill time. This should be expected though Noodlecake Studios is responsible for bringing us other fantastic mobile experiences like Super Stickman Golf. Even though this game is super fun and addictive I still think there could be a few things added to boost the experience. One being the addition of challenges for instance like getting 15 near misses in one round or make a 15ft jump. Just these little additions to the game will keep gamers coming back to an already fantastic game. Jupiter Jump is a great little game that is perfect for starting our week off!

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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