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Lastronaut Review

The Game

Fight your way through hoards of robots while dodging obstacles in this side scrolling endless runner. Lastronaut is an 8-bit style game created by Darrin Henein, and Stephan Leroux. The players’ objective is to make it as far as possible before they inevitably crash. The game will remind players of Jet Pack Joy Ride, which is arguably the best side-scrolling runner. The first aspect of the game players will notice is the accessibility, and the intuitiveness of the menus. Once the game is open the player has three options to choose from: stats, options, and play. In the stats menu players will all kind of stats starting form games played, enemies killed, longest distanced traveled. Players can also check where they stand on the online leaderboards. If the player checks the option menu they will the two creators names, and a few options they can toggle. When the player starts they game they will see a few slides of words that describe that back-story of what is happening in the universe. The little back-story adds a layer of depth to a simple game. This feature allows players who are more hardcore get into the experience. Once the round starts players are thrown strait into the action. They character is programmed to run on his or her own, meaning the player only has to be aware of enemies, and obstacles. The controls are super simple. Tap the left side of the screen to jump, and tap the right side of the screen to shoot the weapons the character has equipped. Will running through the level the player will be able to collect car packages that contain different weapons. There is small variety of weapons the player can use. These weapons rang from shotguns to laser guns. Finally while playing this game once the player destroys enough enemies they get a temporary speed boost and a shield. This mini boost helps the player achieve the best distance covered. Overall Lastronaut is a great little side scrolling endless runner with some great features packaged into a simple experience.

Lastronaut IOS

Review Done on Lastronaut for IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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