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Mobbles IOS

Remember the days when catching Pokémon was the thing to do, or raising a tamagotchi was awesome, well Mobbles allows you to do all this in real time. The game starts off giving you a Mobble which you can play with, feed and wash which will level them up. As they level more items become available for you to use which really makes you want to keep coming back. One Aspect I really enjoyed was how you caught Mobbles, I found it to be a very smart and creative use of incorporating the world around you. How it works is you use this Mobble radar that is in the game to scan for Mobbles in your geographical area, when a Mobble is in your catch zone you can battle it. If you win the Mobble becomes yours and you can add it to your collection. The second aspect that I enjoyed was the art work in the game. I loved all the types of mobbles out there; when you play you know that a lot of love and work was put into this game. Finally the online aspects of the game work great. It lets you battle your friends in a seamless fashion, which is great because when you are battling you want a quick pass. Mobbles is a great game to play with friends or on your own. Can you become a MobbleMaster?

Rating Overall: 8.5/10

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go IOS

Angry Birds since its inception has been one of the top is games on the market because of the games cute characters and addicting game play, but the last few versions it seem like Rovio has been reinventing the wheel with the last couple iterations of Angry Birds titles. Angry Birds Go on the other hand is creative new take on the angry birds’ world bringing all of the great characteristics of the original. Now instead of launching the birds at pig fortresses you are now facing them in a go kart type racing game. The first aspect of this game that enjoyed was how nice everything looked. As you know the previous Angry Birds were all 2D, Angry Birds Go makes the transition from 2D to 3D as seamless as possible. Secondly I liked the variety of things you can do in this game, for instance you can do time trials, you can race and you even get to upgrade your carts which is totally awesome. Finally this game has a great price tag of free which is quite a good deal it is the full package. If you are a huge Angry Bird fan and a Mario Kart fan then this game will satisfy your needs.

Rating Overall: 8.5/10
Price: Free

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier IOS

For a while now I have been looking for a RPG to play on my phone and after many searches I have been led to Brave Frontier. In Brave Frontier you play as a summoner which has the ability to control monsters throughout the world. Brave Frontier has nice sleek look to it, the artwork is great resembling that of an anime. The menu is easy to navigate, so you are never lost when trying to move throughout the game. The gameplay in Brave Frontier is easy to play which is a plus because in a lot of mobile RPGs have really difficult controls that do not work on this plate form. This game isn’t perfect though. The first problem I had was how long the tutorial was, the first level is pretty much the entire tutorial. In my mind that is an obnoxiously long tutorial. The second problem I had was with the arena. The game has an arena which is completely useless because you can’t even control your characters so if you are battling a stronger party there is absolutely no chance of a come from behind win. Finally Brave Frontier is really repetitive, even though you are battling in different environments the monsters only change slightly, which can make the game boring and tedious at times. Brave Frontier is a game with lots of potential, but it is still not the mobile RPG I have been looking for.

Rating Overall: 5/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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