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Timberman IOS

Rating Overall: 6
Price: Free
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Hello again everyone! I am back from my trip from Montréal, the trip was fabulous but as always I am happy to be home writing these reviews. This week I decided to review 3 games that are great for on the road because I imagine lots of you are out and about but you’ll still need your gaming fix. To start off I looked at Timberman. In Timberman you play as a Lumberjack who is hacking away at a never ending tree your objective is to chop the tree as many times before you get crushed by a branch. The game sounds simple enough but to add difficulty there is a timer and the only way to keep it from going down is hack and slash that damn tree. This game has great graphics and a simple design that are ideal for games that you play on the go. After a few rounds I relieved this game is really similar to happy bird, so if you are a gamer that is notorious for breaking your controllers this game is definitely not the game for you, but if you are up for the challenge then give this game a swing.

Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump Fever IOS

Rating Overall: 5.5
Price: Free
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If you are a gamer who loves gaming on the go and you also are a Sonic the Hedgehog then I think I found a game that will satisfy both those needs. Sonic Jump Fever is a game where your goal is to progress vertically up the map by jumping on platforms while avoiding traps and Dr. Eggman minions. In this game your objectives are to collect rings, save the animals and beat Dr. Eggman like you do in all the Sonic games. The game has the classic side scrolling Sonics, this game really plays off the nostalgia of the older games that are so beloved to many gamers out there. Apart from that this is a hollow game as it rips off similar games that do the job 1oo times better. This is really just another missed opportunity by the people who continue to push out these sonic games.


Watercolors IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: Free
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The world is full of colours, they make up so much of our everyday life it is extraordinary. Watercolour is a game that revolves around colours. Your objective in the game is to match the colours in their proper place on the course. The games concept sounds easy enough but in reality this game can be an extremely difficult puzzle game that will have you pulling out your hair once you get to the harder stages. What I liked about this game was there where multiple game modes. This insures that gamers will be hooked to this game longer. This game really took me back to grade 1 science because at times in this game you are required to mix two colours together to make a new colour. Out of all the games that I played this week Watercolour was the most innovative game I also had the most fun playing this game. Well folks there you have this Weeks games. I hope you continue to enjoy a summer full of warm weather and great gaming, also tell what you think tweet me @therealkenny3.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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