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"Rough Weak"

No Brakes

No Brakes IOS

Rating Overall: 3
Price: Free
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Hello again everybody! It is that time of week again, mobile games. With July almost done I hope that you are all having a wonderful summer. This week I took a look at No Brakes, Pyramid Solitaire Saga and Dungeon Hearts sadly these games were either not that good or they were just not creative so this week I present BUMMER Week. To begin let’s talk about No Brakes; this game has a really simple premise. All you do is drive this little rectangle around a small figure 8 track for as long as you can until you crash. What I liked about this game was how simple the controls were. The control scheme is comprised of 2 arrows, one pointing left and the other pointing right. What this game is lacking though is a huge list of aspects that would make this a great game. First thing I would have liked to see was more game modes. If they had a time trial game, or obstacle dodging game I think that I would add a whole lot of replay value to this game because right now you only need to play this game once then you will never want to touch it again. Another feature that this game is lacking is the amount of tracks that the game has. There is the one figure 8 track and that’s it, totally lame. Well that was No Brakes this game is a game that you shouldn’t take a break for.

Dungeon Hearts

Dungeon Hearts IOS

Rating Overall: 2.5
Price: $2.99
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Searching for a Dungeon crawler? Well this is not that game. Dungeon Hearts has a bit of a deceitful name, one being dungeon you actually rarely do anything with dungeons and secondly hearts. With hearts in the title you would expect a solitaire game but that is not the case. Dungeon Hearts is just a rip off of Knights of Puzzlelot that I reviewed a little while ago. I really did not have any fun playing this game because it takes all the great features of Puzzlelot and craps all over it. The first thing that this game crapes on is the graphics. The graphics for Puzzlelot are cool and have lots of detail, in this game they are boring and lame combined with weak animations it is not visually stunning. The Second thing that this game craps on is the game play. In Puzzlelot you are trying to make rows of 3 or more on the grid to either attack, defend or heal. In this game you can only attack with the character class that you have out on the battle field. So this means if you can make a beast combo with an archer but only have a warrior on the field you will not be able to attack with that combo. Another issue with the game play that I had was you could move your coloured pieces anywhere on the board to make your combo. My question is what is the point of having a puzzle game if you can move the pieces anywhere you want? My recommendation is stay away from this game because the only thing it has going for is that it works.

Pyramid Solitaire Sage

Pyramid Solitaire Sage IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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If you are looking for a new puzzle game then I have found one that you may enjoy. I present Pyramid Solitaire Sage from King. Out of the 3 games that I played this week this game was by far the best. This game is made by the people who did Bubble Witch saga 2 which was a fantastic and addictive game, so I was expecting kind of the same thing. Graphics wise it is really similar to Bubble Witch except that it is Egyptian and not spooky witch craft stuff. Game wise they are two different games Pyramid Solitaire saga is a card game. Your objective with this solitaire game is to get all the gold cards that are in play. I had a good time playing this game because it was addicting and something different. The premise sounds simple enough but there are little hindrances that make the game harder. For instance on some stages the cards are wrapped in mummy bandages and you need to unlock them twice to get them into your deck. Overall this was a good game worth checking out. Well Friends there you have it this week’s games. Have a great week!

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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