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"August Puzzles"

Brain Wars

Brain Wars IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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Hello gamers and welcome back to the mobile reviews! I am really excited about this week because I looked at 3 fantastic games that were a little more puzzle oriented but I think everyone will find something that they can enjoy and sink hours of time into. The first game that I looked into was Brain Wars. Brain Wars is a game similar to that brain academy game that was on the original DS, but this game is completely online. In my mind this game it is more geared to the casual gamers as the concept is fairly user friendly and you are not going around killing stuff but giving your brain a workout. How you play is there are 3 rounds in each match and you play 3 mini games that last 20 seconds each. The games range from memory games to games with minor math. After each game your rank increases or decreases. I had a great time playing this game because even though the games are similar they are different enough to keep you on your toes. I also liked that how the game tracked at what you where good at which is great because it shows you areas that you can grow. Overall Brain Wars is a great game and in my mind can only get better.


Puzzix IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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We all love Tetris it is just a great classic game that everyone can pick up and play. This week I looked at Puzzix. In my mind Puzzix is Tetris but with puzzle pieces and a few other alterations that great a similar experience but unique enough that you will not feel ripped off. What I really liked about this game was that you could actually completely a level. It is nice sometimes just to be able finish a few levels then move on with life of some other game. Another aspect that I liked was that some pieces help bombs that would clear out rows at a time. In mind this great because it makes the game a little less stressful if you have made mistakes in some of the placements of your earlier blocks. What this game could us though is a couple more game modes just keep things interesting. Apart from that this game is great for the price of free you are definitely getting an awesome little game.

Bonza Word

Bonza Word IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: $0.99
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Do we have any crossword puzzle lovers out there? If you are one then you should check out Bonza Word Puzzle. How you play this game is there are a bunch of random letters connected together and you must connect them horizontally or vertically to complete all the words and the puzzle. Within each level you are given a hint and the letters will make up words that relate to this hint/subject for the level, for instance the hint could be beach so your words will be something like waves, towel and maybe sun. Bonza Word Puzzle is really fun because the subjects change from level to level to keep the game interesting. In my mind this game is really fun but barebones at the same time. There is really only one thing you can do with this experience and this is where this game will suffer in my mind. The reason is that yes the puzzles are fun and interesting but after 10 minutes of playing this game most people will be like “fun game but I other more exciting games to play” and my touch Bonza again. If you are a word nerd then this will be great for you. Well everyone that was this weeks, I really hoped you enjoyed and found something that will interest you! Fair well till next week.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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