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"Word Based Ugly Sharks"

Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5
Price: Free
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Hello everyone it is the iOS reviews time again! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer like me. To start off the week I looked at Hungry Shark, Hungry Shark is similar to Feeding Frenzy where you have to eat as much as can before you die or are eaten by a bigger shark. What I liked about this game was how easy it was to jump right into. The longest round I played was for 7 minutes so it is a great pick up and plays experience. As you play the game you can evolve your shark to be faster, have more bite and have a stronger boost. Where I feel this game excels is that world that you play in feels huge. This means that you rarely get bored of the part of the ocean that you are in because it is so massive and is filled with tones of different fish and predators. The final thing that I enjoyed about this was the different types of sharks that you can play as. When you start you have a little ref shark and you work on the leveling him or her up and once your lil shark is all leveled up you can unlock the next one and repeat the cycle. Overall a good for killing time and eating prey.

Ugly American's

Ugly American's IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: Free
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This game comes from comedy central so you know right from the get go that it will be funny and enjoyable. Ugly American’s is an episodic adventure game where you choose the dialogue between characters and progress through the main story. In the experience you play as Mark a social worker who works for an agency that helps immigrant magical beings and other fables join American society. In the game you are helping Scraps a runaway from never land to escape the tyrannies of its dictator Pan. This game does deal with mature subjects so little kids probably should not play this game because it involves drug dealing and other random things. What I think people will like about this game is that it pokes fun at lots of the issues in the world today so if you like parodies then you will defiantly like this game if not then you can take it or leave it.


Wordbase IOS

Rating Overall: 7.0
Price: Free
Download Here

With school just around the corner I thought that I should find a game that will warm up our brains so critical thinking is easy… Just kidding I felt like finding a word game because they are fun. SO this week I played Wordbase a head to head spelling game that you can connect to your Facebook and challenge your friends or random people who are also playing the game. How the game is set up is that you are playing on a 13x10 grid. Your goal is to capture as much of the playing field that you can and make it to the other person’s side and a capture their starting point. The way you do all this stuff is spell words. What I liked about this game was that the boards that you play on change from game to game, this constantly keeps you thinking up new strategy on how you should win the game. Another thing that I liked about the game was that on the game boards there are tiles that are highlighted and if you capture them you set off a bomb and capture more tiles. This is a fun game if you are a word nerd and a puzzle game lover. And that’s a rap I hope you enjoyed this week’s games and enjoy the remaining week of your summer.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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