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"The End of Summer Days"

Wipeout 2

Wipeout 2 IOS

Rating Overall: 1.5
Price: Free
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Welcome everybody to another week of iOS reviews! I hope you are all having a great week so far. So fair my week looks bleak with a snow forecast I hope to indulge in some quality gaming. The first game that I am looking at this week I Wipeout 2 that is based of the TV show Wipeout. The game emulates the show, your characters objective is to run through the courses while dodging obstacles and achieve the best possible time. The premise of the game seems simple enough so one would thing that it should be easily executed. In Wipeout 2 this is sadly not the case, the first big problem that I had was that the controls did not work. At this day and age hoping that your character is going to respond to a command is ridicules. The second aspect of this game that is completely lacking is the game play. This game is so monotonous all you do is jump and slid, watching golf is more exciting then this game. Wipeout 2 is a terrible game and should be avoided at all costs. Hopefully this game wipes itself off the app store.

Skyline Skaters

Skyline Skaters IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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Summer is coming to an end, which does not mean that we still cannot play games that are set in the summer. The second game that I played this week is Skyline Skate is a game where you are running from a police copter while jumping from roof to roof on your skateboard. This game has a temple run feel to it, you are constantly being chased but you have to guide your character through the city. The games layout is fantastic. The game is a side scroller so you can clearly see what is behind you and in front of your character at all times. Skyline Skates gameplay is easy to grasp your job as the gamer is too avoid obstacles while jumping from building to building and collecting coins. There are a variety of different obstacles so the game is not boring like Wipeout 2. Overall Skyline Skate is a good game that you can play in bed or on the train and especially if you need to kill time.

Pool with Pals

Pool with Pals IOS

Rating Overall: 4
Price: Free
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I enjoy pool as much as anyone because it is a fun game that you can play against friends. Pool with Pals is mobile online pool game. The game has good design. If you desire to play in a shady bar then you can choose the table that reflects what you are into. In the game you also have control of what colour your balls are so if you desire blue balls you may have the blue balls. Those two aspects is what this game has going for it after that it gets into some rough water. The premise of the game is good but in execution not so well. My first problem is that you can only play online. We understand that the games purpose is to play with friends but sometimes it is nice just to play alone. The second aspect of the game that is lacking is that it is not the head to head experience that one wants while playing pool. Once you make your shot you then have to wait for your opponent to make theirs. This can be hours or days and if it is the latter you loose interest anyways. Sadly Pool with Pals falls short, it would be a better game if it were not solely online. Well there you have it, enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully no snow for you.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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