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"It's a Short Blast!"

Hot Mess

Hotmess IOS

Passions always will burn, but sometimes it needs to be put out. In the game Hot Mess you play as fire fighter droid who has a bit of a malfunction. The objective of the game is to go around in the level and douse the passions of love and get the best times possible. Hot Mess is probably the most creative and unique game that I have played in a long time with its creative look and the pixelated figures makes the game pop off the screen. The game has a fast pace which is beneficial and can be somewhat detrimental to the game at the same time. One of the positives is that the game has little to no loading screens which is great for an iOS and you want to play on the go. Another point is that the game is fun and it pushes you to always try to beat your last high score. The one aspect of the game that I had trouble with was how just how fast you jump into the game. The level starts with no countdown which makes it hard to plan out your strategy to complete the level, this forces you to play more of a trial and error style. Hot Mess is a great game that should not be doused.

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: $1.99

Little Bit Evil

Little Bit Evil IOS

The tower defense genre has become very popular for mobile games. This week I played Little bit Evil by Crazy Panda games, which I really enjoyed. In this tower defense you play as the monsters trying to defend your territory from the humans who are trying to invade your lands. Little bit Evil plays like most tower defense games which is great because it makes a great pick up and play experience if you are needing something on the go. Where this game excels is in how it uses the environments that you play in this which adds an extra level of depth to this game. For instance if there is a river on a level the attackers will be slowed down because of the current which you can make work in your favor; by adding a bomb tower which is a slow but strong, but will be able to get most of the attackers who are traversing the river. Another aspect of the game I enjoyed was the amount of power ups that are at your disposal, again this just added more strategic depth to game. With the price of 2.99 this game has some great value. Little bit Evil is a must buy game for your iPhone, you can play it as a pick up and play or you can sit down to play this game while appreciating all the depth this game has to offer.

Rating Overall: 9/10
Price: $2.99

Word Demon

Word Demon IOS

There are so many Puzzle games available on the app store. The trouble is which to choose? This week I played the puzzle game Word Demon. This game tests your spelling and your speed. How you play is that a vampire gives you a series of words and then covers them up while giving you letters from the word that you must select the letters in the word. Word Demon is a fun game that is fast paced and is unique puzzle game, which works in its favour in a crowded market. What I enjoyed about this game was how fast it was and that it keeps you on your toes this makes the game quit addicting. Another thing I liked was how easy it was to pick up and play which is another plus to this game. The one thing that I found this game lacking was the amount of content. I wish there was more game types, as this would add to the overall experience to the game. Word Demon is a fun and addicting game great for a quick fix, with more content I think it could be one of the top games on the app store.

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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