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"Amongst the Dead Puzzles"

Puzzle Bandits

Puzzle Bandits IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: Free
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Hello again everyone to another week of iOS reviews! I hope you all a great week full of gaming and adventure… All cheesiness aside I played some good games this. The first game that I looked at is Bandits. This is a RPG puzzle game similar to Puzzlelot minus the epic graphics. Puzzle bandits has a simple design, all you play as are Red, Green and blue dots with the face of a champion in them. What I liked about this game was the simplicity. If you are looking for a game where you can go around and kick but then this is the game for you. You will not find great graphics or cheesy lines in this game because of its simple design. The plan of this experience is as simple as the overall game. You move Red, Green and blue dots around a grid to create different combos and beat your opponents. Overall not a bad game if you are looking for something with a little more substance. If that is the case then you will love this next game.

Smarter Than You

Smarter Than YouIOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: Free
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Looking far a game where you must use your wit to beat your opponent? If you are then look no further because Smarter Than You has arrived! Smarter Than You is a game where you play other people online. This works for the game but it also hinders it. It is nice to play against random people for the variety in battles you can have, but if that person is not very active people tend to loose interest in the game quickly and move onto something else. Luckily I have generally been playing against other active gamers. The game play is really simple, you have three choices, Attack, use arrow or counter. Attack beats arrow, counter beats attack and finally arrow beats counter. Durning the picking faze you but together random words that increase the power if the move but also throw the other player off of the correct counter. The game has simple design; you play as a smiley face on a white board. The game works with game center on your mobile device so you can challenge your friends or complete strangers. Overall a good game that is fun and challenging.

Down Among the Dead Men

Down Among the Dead Men IOS

Rating Overall: 9
Price: $0.99
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The final game I am looking at this week is Down Among the Dead Men from Inkle. Down Among the Dead Men like 80 Days is a great adventure game. What gamers will really like about this game is the amount of choices that you have at your fingertips, for instance if you want to charge in a battle you will have that option, or if you want to fall in line and be a good sailor you can do that as well. Another aspect about this experience gamers will like is how long the game is. This means that you can really get into this adventure and not be sad because it is over to quickly. The only problem that I see this game running into is that it involves more reading. In my mind this is a non-issue because the story telling is great and even if you have to read you still have a lot of choices to make the experience personal and not bland. Overall this is a good game that utilises your imagination and is worth the time to sit down and play.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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