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Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5
Price: Free
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Hello again everyone to this weeks edition of iOS reviews. I hope you all had a great September and that you guys are gearing up for thanksgiving and Halloween. The first game that I looked at this week falls in line with the Halloween them because you play as a ghost in Ghost Tricks. This is a puzzle game and also a point and click adventure. The story is you are a guy who has just been killed and has lost all his memories. Upon death you hear voices in your head and learn that you have various ghostly and not so ghostly powers. With these newly acquired powers the quest begins to find out why you were killed and avenge your own death. For instance one of your powers is that you can rewind time and then change the future, which is weird for a ghost. If you are the type of gamer who likes drawn out stories and problem solving then this game was made for you. If not then this game you may want to stay clear of because there is lots of reading as well as a story that has lots of twists and turns. Overall not a terrible game but it definitely has a niche market.

Bloxland Story

Bloxland Story IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5
Price: $2.99
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The second game I looked at this week does not coincide with the holidays like Ghost Tricks did. Bloxland Story is a puzzle game that is similar to Tetris and other games where your objective is to clear the various blocks from the bottom of the screen. How this game has differentiated itself from other games similar is that you play on field that is eight blocks wide and you can only select one block from each column. Both of these features add a welcomed challenge to the game. What I liked about this game is that it did not require all of your precious time and you can just sit down and decompress. If you are waiting in line at the bank or killing time before class this game is perfect because you can play a few levels then put is away and comeback later. What gamers will like about this is that there is more then just one game mode. At the moment there are two, story and survival. Each game mode is fun and addicting but different enough the experience feels different.

Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5
Price: Free
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Ready to solve some of the greatest cases known to man? Ready to embark into the world of the sugar prohibition? If you are and have a sharp mind you should try Another Cased Solved. The world that this game creates is funny and sweet. Once the sugar prohibition came into effect lots of people to turned to crime and therefore the police are to busy dealing with various sugar fiend crimes thus people must fend for themselves and consult private detectives. In this experience you play as a private detective. This is a puzzle game where you must collect match different aspects of investigations together to solve your cases. Overall a fun game with lots to do.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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