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Words with Friends

Words with Friends IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5
Price: Free
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Welcome everybody to another week of iOS games. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and now gearing up for Halloween. This year I am going to be mister Gumby from Monty Python. The first game that I looked at this week is undoubtedly a app store classic. The game I am talking about is Words With Friends. The game just hit the milestone of five years on the store so I thought why not. Word nerds and Scrabble lovers will and have loved this game. The game is essentially set up like the Scrabble board. You have your various double word bonuses, triple letters. Gameplay wise the game is flawless as ever, this means that gamers will not have to worry about it not working. I think what has made this game an iOS classic is how easily it brings friends together. It is easy to start games with peers but also random people as well. Overall Words with Friends is a great game that has survived the test of time so far.

Best Fiends

Best Fiends IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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Have you ever been in the market for a new best friend? If your answer is yes then you are looking at the wrong article! Today I can help you find fiend not a friend. If you are looking for a friend then look at the review above, its more friend oriented. The second game that was reviewed this week was Best Fiends. The premise of the game is you play, as theses little booger looking bug things that are constantly fighting pesky slugs that are large and menacing. How the game is played you have to collect leafs and other foliage depending on the colour of your booger bug to use combos to beat the snot out of the slugs. What gamers will like about the experience is that it’s a fun little connect the dots type of experience that is easy to play. Another reason gamers will enjoy this game is for the fun graphics and the variety of bugs you can use. For instance if a gamer collects enough green for the green bug then you can use a bomb on the slugs. If you are a fan of cool new experiences then this is not the game for you, we have seen this type of game before. Best Fiends is a fun game that you will enjoy when have time to kill and slugs.

Batman & The Flash Hero Run

Batman & The Flash Hero Run IOS

Rating Overall: 1.5
Price: Free
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I normally save the best for last, but this time I have bad news. The last game I looked at this week was terrible. The game is called Batman & The Flash Hero run. The game is a running game like temple run and Spider-Man Unlimited but fails in comparison. The first thing that is wrong with the game is when does Batman and the Flash ever team up? Like what the heck, they are two completely different characters with different skill sets. It is just impossible to believe if they did the Flash and Super-Man then yeah that works. Logistics aside there is a Mount Everest of problems with the game. The first there are two types of enemies ones that are possible to defeat and other that aren’t. The ones that gamers can’t punch are essentially walls in the disguise of enemies that is annoying because sometimes you die because you have nowhere to go. The second problem I had was there where obstacles that had coins and other goodies on top that you couldn’t jump on. What hells up with that? Those where just a few of the major problems out of the seemingly endless mountain of them, if I listed them all my type setter would be really pissed at me. Overall Batman & the Flash Hero run a terrible game, and gamers should just run away from. Well that’s it hope you enjoyed and have a great week before Hallows Ween!

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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