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Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers IOS

Rating Overall: 8
Price: Free
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Hello gamers welcome to another week of amazingly awesome reviews by yours truly. The first game that I looked at was Mmm Fingers from Noodle Cake studios, you know the guys who brought us the Super Stick Men games. This game is a completely different beast. The games premise is that you must keep your fingers from being crushed, spiked, and away from bodily harm. How it works is you touch the screen and it the game starts rolling. Once the game has started you must go until you touchan obstacle. What this game has going for it is the simple design and easy game play. Design wise gamers will appreciate the fun and menacing looking dangers that are littered throughout the game. They will also enjoy the music and fun sound affects that this experience brings to the table. The controls are great in this game because they are simple. All a player must do is touch the screen and the game gets rolling. Overall this game is solid, but if you are looking for something with a little more substance you should take your search elsewhere.


Retry IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5
Price: Free
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The second game that looked at is new an experience Rovio, the people who brought us the lovely angry birds franchise. The game is called Retry. Holding true to the name, retying stages is what players will be doing a lot. In the game you play as a little plane that cannot fly in a strait line. The goal is to fly through the level without touching anything except for intermittent landing strips to make to the end of each course. Playing this game will bring back Flappy Bird nightmares to some gamers. Playing this game one can feel the Flappy Bird influences, but Rovio took what was originally a crappy and tough game and turned into something playable. For instance instead of flying endlessly through pipes you are now avoiding hills and clouds made of hills. You can collect widgets that can upgrade your plane for that level. Players can also go through the level collecting coins that they can use to unlock checkpoints. If you are a fan of 8-bit graphics then you will be a fan of this because guess what the graphics an 8-bit. The controls are solid and are not the cause of any rage. If you are a fan of rage inducing games then you will love this experience. Good job to Rovio for taking a game that caused a lot grief in the past and make something playable and enjoyable to a niche market.

SAS 4: Zombie Assault

SAS 4: Zombie Assault IOS

Rating Overall: 7
Price: Free
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I know Halloween was last week but I thought this last game would be fun and well who does not like Zombies? The last game that I looked at this week was SAS 4: Zombie Assault. I really liked the tittle of the game because it makes me feel like we are taking the fight to the zombies and not the other way around. The game is a top down shooter. In the game you have three classes: Medic, Heavy and assault. As you can probably guess each class has different abilities and can use different equipment. An aspect that was positive for the game was how large the levels were. This is a good feature because if you are just playing solo there is enough room that you can run around and make a train of zombies. Another aspect that this game has going for it is the presence of a story. This allows the game to appeal to a larger group of gamers and not just folks that want to kill zombies. The final feature that helps makes this a fun experience is the amount of weapons and armour that is useable. The one problem with the game is the sensitivity feels really slow in the game. There is no point to having a top down shooter if a player cannot do 180s quickly. Apart from the one little control problem this is a decent game.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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