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The Inner World

The Inner World IOS

It is time to fall down the rabbit hole with the Inner World from HeadUp games and studio FizBin. In the Inner World you play as Robert, an innocent but sometimes clues boy who is trying to save Asposia. This game has an absolutely fantastic art style which plus your attention right away, combined with great voice acting performances that creates this unique and addicting world that you will not want to leave. I really enjoyed venturing around Aspoisa throughout the entirety of the game and all of the interactions you have with characters throughout are both quirky along with entertaining. The Inner World is a point and click adventure with tons of puzzles that also make the experience much more addicting. The main aspect of why I really liked about this game was if you got stuck at any point the game would give you really helpful hints, this is an awesome feature because I enjoy a good puzzle but if it gets to the point where I am not enjoying myself because I have gotten stuck then there is something wrong and this is a problem that I never ran into with the Inner World. The Inner world is an iOS masterpiece that everyone should play. Just a great job HeadUp games and Studio FizBiz.

Rating Overall: 10
Price: $4.99

Mr. Fishie

Mr. Fishie IOS

It is time to feed and become the biggest bad fish in the sea with Mr. Fishie that was posted from a Reddit user to grab our attention. In Mr. Fishie you play a small fish that needs to eat other fishes in order to become bigger. This game is quite simple, but it is fun and great to play if you need a quick fix. One of two aspects of the game that I liked was how easy it was to pick up and play, the second being the price tag of free. What I did not like was how simple the game was, it was very repetitive at times which took away from this already thin experience. The levels that you played through did not change. Another part of the game I did not like was the controls. I believe that we have arrived at a day and age where one should not die because of bad controls, but because the game has gotten the best of you. This problem happened to me many times, to the point where I had to turn off my phone ditch all types of technology and retreat to the woods where I could reconnect with Mother Nature. My advice is not to try and become the biggest fish in the sea but swim away from this game because as it is not worth the time.

Rating Overall: 3/10
Price: Free


Abducted IOS

My continuing quest to find a great action RPG for iOS has lead me to Abducted from Sunside games. Throughout the game you are trying to unravel the secrets of the ship that you have woken up on how you got there. Abducted has a solid story line that is interesting which makes you care about the world you have entered, with easy controls you can feel the love that the team did put into the game. Just for some reason the game did not come altogether, I was extremely excited for this game as I love RPGs and the sci-fi genera, but sadly this game did fall short in the end. Abducted was riddled with crashes and laggy parts that made the overall experience feel choppy. These were problems that made it sometimes unplayable which is a tragedy because Abducted has so much potential to be a great game. Hopefully through updates they will fix these bugs that plagued Abducted. My advice is hold off on Abducted until the lag and crashing has stopped then purchase this game because it has the makings of a great game.

Rating Overall: 4/10
Price: $2.99

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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