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Battle Camp

Battle Camp IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free
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Hello gamers, and welcome back to another week of iOS reviews. I hope that all of you got the games you wanted for Christmas, and had a great new year. These three games will be the first three that I have looked at in 2015. The first game that I looked at was Battle Camp. Staying true to the name, the character you create goes from camp to camp battling various monsters. Each stage gets harder, the bosses become stronger which makes the experience interesting and less boring. How you play the game is the player makes combination of different elements on a 5x6 grid to attack their opponents. The first team to loss all their health losses. What I liked about this game is that it reminds me of Pokémon. You battle other monster collectors to receive different badges. The player can also capture other monster and create stronger teams. Another aspect of this game that is great is the variation in monsters. For instance there are common monster that are easy to acquire, and then there’s uncommon, rare. These other types are less easy to acquire. The only problem that this game could run into is the at times it feels monotonous. Overall Battle Camp is decent game that will entertain a wide variety of gamers.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: Free
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If you are a trivia lover than I think I found a game that you will like. The second game that I looked at this week was Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack is a trivia game that the player can link up with their Facebook to play against friends, or create a profile on the app and just play random people. If the player opts to use Facebook with the game they can still play against random players. How the game is played is the player spins a wheel and they are given one of six categories (Science, History, Geography, Entertainment, Sports, and Art). To win the game a player must be the first one to six points. The player then must answer questions until they have incorrectly answered a question. Once a player gets three answers they are allowed to answer a question to win a character. The characters are the six categories. If the character question is answered correctly then they receive said character and score a point. A good aspect of the game is that the variety of questions. During the round if a player is loosing they can choose to challenge their opponent for one of their characters instead of doing trying to answer a character question. The challenge is a best out of five rapid fires of questions. If the player who chose to do the challenge wins they receive their opponents character. If they lose then they lose their character. There are questions for everyone because the game uses user submitted questions that are then voted on by players to see if the questions should be added.

Ruzzle Adventure

Ruzzle Adventure IOS

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free
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The finale game that I looked at this week was Ruzzle Adventure. Ruzzle Adventure is a puzzle game where the player plays through various puzzles on an island. The puzzles are the word types, where the player must match up letters to make words. Each level has different objective to make playing through the more experience interesting and less monotonous. For instance there are levels where the player must guide diamonds to the bottom of the board, of reach a certain amount of points within a time frame, or get a minimum number of points in a given amount of moves. The letter tiles are given values like Scrabble, and there are bonuses added to different letters to allow the player to reach the level minimums. Each level is judged out of a three star performance, three being the best, and one being the worst. After a certain amount of levels the player then encounters a boss. To play the boss level the player must have collected enough stars in previous levels. If you are a puzzle lover, or a word nerd then you will really enjoy this game. Well gamers that’s it for this week.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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