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WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals IOS

Rating Overall: 5/10
Price: Free
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Welcome gamers to another week of mobile reviews. The first game that was looked at was WWE Immortals. WWE Immortals is a fighting game like Mortal Combat, except the gamer plays as their favourite wrestlers. In the game the wrestlers are made to look like immortal beings who posses great power. For instance The Rock looks one of the architects from Prometheus. With characters taking on the persona of their stage names makes the game feel cheesy, and the devs trying to be smart and failing miserably. This is not needed in a WWE game, when players launch WWE games they expect The Rock, not Prometheus Rock. There are lots of playable characters for the player to choose from. Control wise this game is fine. The controls are: tap the screen for a light attack; swipe the screen for a strong attack. Then there are special moves that do more damage. To block the player hold two fingers on the screen. The biggest problem with WWE Immortals is that it tries to hard to be a epic fighting game. If the development stuck to the WWE routs this game would have been substantially strong.

One Two Three

One Two Three IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: Free
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The second game that was reviewed this week was 1 2 3. 1 2 3 is a puzzle game where the player must complete simple math equations using the numbers One, two, and three. All the equations are composed of one, two, three, and all the answers to the to the math equations are one, two, or three. How 1 2 3 is played is the player is timed while they answer the simple math equations until they get an incorrect answer. While playing the player is constantly battling a timer thatcounts down faster and faster every time. Once that happens the player is taken to a game over screen where a dog that is the mascot for the game makes some wise crack about the players answer. The dog is the worst part about the game. The dog ignites rage within gamers who play the game. What this experience does so well is that it pushes gamers, and gets the blood pumping. Overall 1 2 3 is a fun game, the game is great for players on the rush or who are in need of a little challenge.

Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 IOS

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free
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The last game that was looked at this week was Trial Xtreme 4. Trial Xtreme 4 is a motor biking game like Trials. The player guides his or her character through the level avoiding traps, hitting sweet jumps, and trying not to wipe out. The control scheme of Trial Xtreme 4 is simple, there are buttons to control the direction of rotation of the biker, and there is a button to move forward. If the player chooses they can us the tilt controls. This is great because it allows the player to chose a control system that works the best for them. The game also has head to head racing, which is fun and kind of intense. Overall Trial Xtreme is a fun game that does a good job at copying the great elements from Trials while keeping some originality.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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