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Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush IOS

Rating Overall: 4.5/10
Price: Free
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another week of iOS reviews. The first game that was reviewed last week was Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush. Berry Rush is an endless runner game, which is quite clearly marketed to young girls. As a endless runner Berry Rush is okay. The mechanics are nothing special, the graphics in the game are fine, and it is your run of the mill runner. For instance this game does nothing special or unique, anyone with a brain game tell that this game was simply put to reach a small demographic of people. Gameplay wise Berry Rush feels clunky and the character feels as if they weight 500 pounds. This felt weird because endless runner characters are supposed to be light on there feet, or at least feel athletic in some way. These characters simply did not. This feeling of being big and bulky takes away from the overall immersive feeling that one should have when one is playing any type of game.

Football Heroes 2015

Football Heroes 2015 IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free
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With the Super Bowl around the corner I thought that a great game to look at would be a football related game. So the game that I chose to review was Football Heros 2015. Football Heros 2015 is football game like the Ultimate Team games on the EA sports titles, meaning that as you progress through the game the player collects some kind of currency and uses it to buy booster/player packs. These packs contain various power ups, and players that are used to strengthen ones team. When playing the game the graphics are that of a refurbished arcade experience. The graphics work well with the game because of it’s already arcade nature. Overall the look and feel of the game are great, but there are some minor issues that deter from the game a little bit. One issue that the game has is the camera angle. The camera angle is broadcast, which means the player is looking at the field from a 45-degree angle and moving left and right. The second problem that this game faces is the players sometimes getting stuck on imaginary walls. This can be a pain when one is trying to make a drive to the end zone with a blocker, but the blocker gets stuck. Overall Football Heros 2015 is a fun game with a few little issues.


Satellina IOS

Rating Overall: 8.5/10
Price: $1.99
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The final game that was review was Satellina. Satellina is puzzle game where the player must collect all the coloured orbs on the screen. How the game is played is the player must collect all the coloured orbs on the screen in descending order while they battle against the clock. At the start of each level the player will notice that the there are three colours on the screen. The colours are: green, yellow, and red. The player is has to collect all the orbs in that order, if not the player must restart at the beginning of that level. How the control scheme works, is the player drags his or hers finger anywhere on the screen to collect the coloured orbs. A feature that makes this game so great is the time clock. The battle against time adds a element of pressures the gamer to play fast and smart. This is a feature that makes the game so much stronger then if it did not have that feature. Another feature that this game has that will make gamers come back is the fact that it is a unique experience in a world where the latest fads in gaming is what everyone tries to do. Overall a great game for any puzzle game lover, and anyone who does not want to play your run of the mill endless runner.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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