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Swinging Stupendo

Swinging Stupendo IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: Free
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Hello gamers, welcome back to another week of iOS reviews. The first game that was looked at this week was Studpendo. Stupendo is a side scrolling obstacle game like Flappy Bird, but with more charm, and a better overall presentation. In the game the player plays as a character named Stupendo, Stupendo is a circus performer who risks his life every performance. To play the game players must swing through obstacles, if the player touches said obstacle they get fried and must restart from the beginning. The control scheme of the game is simple, all the player must do is touch anywhere on the screen and Stupendo will initiate his swing. While playing Stupendo gamers will be reminded of experiences like Battle Block Theater. The reason being Stupend is preforming his act in front of a crowd that laughs when crashes. Another aspect of the game players are going to enjoy is the multiplefeatures laced throughout the game. For instance at the beginning of every round there is a message that says “Your 35th performance”. This is a nice little feature that is goofy. Another feature that is great are the faces that Stupendo makes while swinging. These faces are funny and make the game light and enjoyable.


Skyward IOS

Rating Overall: 8/10
Price: Free
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The second game that was looked at was Skyward. Skyward is a game where the player must try to climb as high has they can before they mess up. How Skyward is played is the gamer is given two chips, one red, and the other blue. With these chips the player must use them to move throughout the map. Once the player starts the game they must continually move through the world, if they take too long choosing their next move the chip will vanish and it will count as a game over. When starting the game the player may find it difficult, but once they understand the rhythm of the game they will find themselves having a blast. The maps are never ending. The obstacle course will continually build itself while the player moves through the game. While moving through the game the player will come across different power ups that are either a hindrance or will actually make the game easier. Another feature that this game has is once the player hits certain milestones then they unlock new obstacles. These two little features add a world a variety to a simple game. Skyward is a great example of a simple game that is executed well.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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