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Spring Ninja

Spring Ninja IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: Free
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Welcome iOS reviews, this week the two games that were reviewed are Spring Ninja, and Head Soccer. Spring Ninja is a game where the player controls a ninja who jumps from platform to platform. The goal of the game is to make it as far as possible until the player miscalculates their jump and falls into a river. To control the ninja the player must touch and hold their finger to the screen. The reason player must hold their finger in place is to build up the ninja’s jumping length. What adds difficulty to the game is each platforms position changes. This makes the player have to judge the distance and choose an appropriate amount of time touching the screen. Spring Ninja follows the format of Flappy Bird. This means player will find this game rage inducing. That being said, Spring Ninja is a much stronger game than Flappy Bird. The first thing gamers will notice is the cool and stylish artwork, and game design of Spring Ninja. The artwork resembles paper cut outs. It is visually pleasing and does not feel like it thrown together. To go with the look the of the game the developers used soft colour that make players feel a sort of Zen while trying to create the largest combo. This Zen effect is great juxtaposition for a game that will make players rage with each play. Players will also feel the love the Devs put into the game, which is something that keeps players coming back. Spring Ninja is a solid game that takes a game format that is growing in popularity and executes it well.

Head Soccer

Head Soccer IOS

Rating Overall: 6/10
Price: Free
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The second game that was looked at was Head Soccer. Head Soccer is a game where the player controls a character with a big head and tiny body, hence the name head soccer. The game is a one on one match that lasts 2 minutes. The team with the most goals wins the match. The control scheme is rather simple. There are left and right directional arrows, a kick button, and an arrow the point up so the player can jump. The simple controls make the game extremely simple to play; this is a plus because sports games sometimes go overboard on controls. The player can choose a variety of teams to play as. The teams are countries around the world. Each character that belongs to a team resembles the stereotypes of those nationalities. This leads to some hilarious looking characters, but slightly racist. To make the game interesting the developers decided to go more of an arcade still of experience. This means there are power-up and other whacky things throughout the game that make game easy to play. For instance each power up is tailored to each team, and can be extremely comical. Another feature this game has going for it is it allows players to level up their team. This feature adds depth to the game because if a player wanted to get really into it they could. Where this game could improve is the level of difficulty. All the team the player battles against are tough (even the easy ones). Overall Head Soccer is light-hearted game with some difficulty, and a learning curve.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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