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Languinis IOS

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free
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Looking for a game a puzzle game that will keep you puzzled? If so Languinis is your game. Languinis is a game that combines the best aspects of bejeweled and scrabble. At the beginning of each round the player must match coloured shapes together like they would in bejeweled. Once the shapes are lined up, the blocks disappear like they do in bejeweled, but letters are then revealed. With these letters the player must create words. Each word is worth a set amount of points. Meaning players are constantly trying to make the best word that will net them the highest score. To pass a level a gamer must complete the objectives of the stage. Progressing through the game stages get harder, and require the player to think three or four moves in advance. While players progress through the world they will find the game getting harder. This adds excitement to an innovative game. The game follows a popular trend that is popping up in iOS games at the moment. This trend is players have a set amount of lives, or chances to complete the game. If the player uses all their lives then they have to wait until the lives regenerate. Someone who does not like this trend will not like this game. Overall Languinis is a solid attempt and combining two vary different games into one. Gamers who want to try something somewhat new, and innovative will find this a enjoyable experience.

Nom Cats

Nom Cats IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free
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Eating fish never felt so awesome in this arcade style experience. Nom Cats is a game where the player must help two cats eat their fill of fish. To aid these cats in their fish-eating bonanza the player must use the simple control scheme of the game. To make the cat on the right side of the screen eat; press the right side of the screen. To engage the jaw of the cat on the left the player dose the same but on the left. With these controls mastered the cats open their respective mouths and start chowing down. To make the game more difficult the Devs decided to be somewhat sadistic and have bombs thrown at said cats. If a cat eats a bomb, you guessed this; the round is over. To avoid eating bombs the player just removes their fingers from the screen. To be successful is Nom Cats the player has to try and eat as many fish as possible. If a cat eats a bomb, or misses a fish the round is over. To add more excitement to an already intense experience, players can collect fish that are gold. These fish that are gold can be used to purchase other cats. Finally, if 8-bit graphics are your thing then you’ll live this. The graphics are in 8-bit! Overall Nom Cats is fun game. That being said it won’t win game of the year or make you ponder your existence. Though it will elevate boredom while on the bus.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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