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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter IOS

Rating Overall: 6.5/10
Price: Free
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Post apocalyptic wasteland meets a Sims style game in this instalment of a popular RPG series. Fallout Shelter from Bethesda Game Studio is the famed series introduction to the mobile platform. The objective of the game is to create and maintain a Vault filled with survivors from the wasteland. To do this the player must keep the vaults inhabitants happy, sheltered, fed, and safe. In the vaults there are a number of rooms to construct, and each room contributes to the overall status of the vaults. For instance players can build power rooms. These rooms give power to the rest of the vault. Fallout Shelter does a good job at making the player think about the speed they should be expanding. If the player decides to add lots of other rooms without adding enough power rooms they will run into problems with energy consumption. To increase the size of a vault, the player must reach certain population milestone. Inhabitants are either wanderers from the wastelands, or NPC’s born within the vault. When NPC’s are introduced to a vault the player must select a role for them. Some characters have strengths that make them better suited for specific jobs then others. Where Fallout Shelter succeeds, as a game is how it pulls the strategic and RPG feels from the console versions. The biggest hurdle this experience has is that it is a freemium game, complete with an in game currency (Caps). This makes playing the game tedious. If the player begins construction on a new room in their vault they may have to wait hours or more depending on the room and its level. Of course the player can speed up construction time, but that cost Caps and at times they aren’t available. Overall a decent experience for players who like this style of game, a fan of the console series may feel let down because of how different this game is from its counterpart.

EA Sports UFC


Rating Overall: 4.5/10
Price: Free
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The octagon comes to players in the go in this instalment in fighting game franchise. UFC mobile from the EA Sports brings mixed martial arts to players on the go. Like some of the other EA games that have made the transition to mobile the game tries to give a console like experience. How the game is played is the player takes control of a real UFC fighter and progresses through fights and being ranked by stars. Gamers can receive three possible rankings, one star, two stars, or three stars. One star is the worst possible score while three stars is the best. While progressing through the game the player can unlock, and buy different fighters to use, not only men, but women too. Each in game fighter has a fighting style that corresponds to there fighting style in real life. The player can choose to train the fighter to increase their stats and abilities. Even though this game added women fighters it still feels boring. If player could have had the option to create there own fighter and progress through the ranks of the UFC world this game would have been more enjoyable. The game also has events seasonal events that gamers can participate in. Gameplay wise UFC mobile feels slow and clunky. The fluidity that one would expect from a fighting game is lacking. At times controls feel complicated, and not intuitive. Control issues aside this experience feels as if it is missing a soul or a purpose, and due to that any joy that could have been found in this game is gone. UFC mobile is a game that was made just for the sake of having a mobile version of a console experience.

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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