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Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy IOS

The year is 1987, a legend is born with the first installment of Double Dragon. Double Dragon is a beat’em up game that revolutionized a genre, what was so revolutionary about this game was the addition of co-op game play and a player could now disarm an enemy and you use there weapon. Thanks to DotEmu you can now enjoy Double Dragon, Double Dragon II and Double Dragon 3 the Rosetta Stone all on your mobile device. DotEmu did a fantastic job bring you not one but all the three of these classics to your hand with choice of playing the story mode or the arcade mode. What made this experience so great was because of these next three features. First off was the ability to edit the control layout. This is an awesome feature because it allows gamers to play the game with the most comfort as possible. The second aspect that I liked was the local multiplayer option because beating on thugs is better with friends. Finally the addition of the original 8-bit music is great and adds to that classic feeling. Playing this game with the classic music transports the gamer back to an arcade in 1987.Great job DotEmu for bringing these classic games to our hands with such style.

Rating Overall: 8.5/10
Price: $2.99

Shadow Vamp

Shadowvamp IOS

The suns up, it is time to creep in the shadows with Shadow Vamp from Gamesmold. In Shadow Vamp you play a vampire trying to get to a crypt in order to hide from the sun for yet another day. Travelling through gothic looking towns this game has a nice look that works with how you play the game and the overall feel of Shadow Vamp. Shadow Vamp is a puzzle strategy game. How you play this game is you have two joy sticks, one controls the vampire and the other spins the world so you can manipulate the shadows so you can travel out of the sun. This game has great mechanics such as the joy stick that moves shadows. I really liked this feature because it utilised the world so much and it was extremely creative. Each level has obstacles such as garlic that a player maneuvers around, levers that you will need to release or push down. Shadow Vamp is an addictive game that will push a gamer to finish thelevel before they take a break. Shadow Vamp also has multiple characters that each has their own abilities, this will change the way a gamer can play the game. For instance one Vampire may be more resistant to sun while another may be faster with little to none garlic resistance. All these features make a game that is fun and addictive with lots of replay value. Next time you are out remember to watch the shadows; a vampire may be lurking there.

Rating Overall: 8/10
Price: $0.99

Jet Stunt Car 2

Jet Stunt Car 2 IOS

Gamers it is time to start your engines with Jet Car Stunts 2 from True Axis. Jet Car Stunts 2 picks up where the first one left off bringing player more fun and creative courses. The game has lots of courses and game modes that will satisfy all of your gaming needs, whether it is freestyle, time trial or platforming Jet Car Stunts 2 has it. What I really liked about Jet Car Stunts 2 is that each course you can play on different difficulties. This accommodates all gamers from the casuals to the more hardcore players, not to mention all the courses are fun, addictive and pushes you to finish them or else you will have a sense of emptiness within you. A nice feature is that you can download the game free on the app store with a handful of courses to try. This allows the gamer to play the game and enjoy it without the harassment of feeling like you have to buy all the expansions or the extras. Jet Car Stunts 2 is game that will appeal to all types of gamers, with fun courses and game types not only will racing game fans enjoy but all sorts of gamers.

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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