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Lost Toys

Lost Toys IOS

Everyone had a toy when they were young that helped fight away the monsters, was a best friend and even hung out with you in order for you to sleep. At some time though they are forgotten and seem to fade away with time leaving them stripped of their former glory. In the Lost Toys from Barking Mouse Studio it is your goal to bring back these toys on a bed hanger and restore them back to their original beauty. The game has an eerie beauty to it that makes you feel bad for these toys even if they are just inanimate objects and with added of effect of the music you feel as if you are in a forgotten world that needs your help . The Lost Toys is a puzzle game; the puzzles are similar to a rubik's cube in the way that you must match up all the sides to complete the puzzle. What adds a level of difficulty to the game is that each toy has a set amount of moves that you must complete the puzzle in. This a welcomed challenge as gamers we do enjoy a challenge especially in puzzle games.The one aspect of the game that I did not like was that the controls sometimes would not allow me to do what I wanted to right away but the controls are not terrible by any means just a little buggy at time. The Lost Toys is great pass time that will keep you playing, you will enjoy saving these toys.

Rating Overall: 7.5/10
Price: $3.99

Wizard Crusade: Rescue the Queen

Wizard Crusade: Rescue the Queen IOS

The queen needs to be saved! In Wizard Crusade: Save the Queen from Crave Creative it is your mission to go through dungeons fighting your way through monsters to save your queen. Wizard Crusade is a dungeon crawler for your phone. The game has a simple design, generally simple is great on your phone because you will run into less crashing and lag. In Wizard Crusade this is not the case. For instance the levels do not change much, it seems like you are always walking down the same corridor which can be boring. Another issue I had was the lack of controls at your disposal. All you could do was choose the spell you wanted to use, fire your magic and move forward. Being only able to move forward was inconvenient at times as if you ever had a gang of enemies coming at you, you had to stop moving and spam the hell out of the fire button or else you would die. Wizard Crusade is not a terrible game though; it was actually quite addicting which is a good thing on any mobile game. Another feature that I thought added to the overall experience was how there were chests throughout the level, sometimes with loot and sometimes with bad things or even empty. Finally I liked how you had to purchase your mana. This added some strategy to the game. If you are a gigantic dungeon crawler fan then this is the game for you, if not you may find this game a tad frustrating but you still will have fun with it.

Rating Overall: 5/10
Price: $0.99

Codename Cygnus

Codename Cygnus IOS

Ever felt that there is a spy within you? With Codename Cygnus from Reactive Studios you can now discover that inner spy. Codename Cygnus is a radio drama adventure game that puts you right into the shoes of a spy. Gamers will find that Codename Cygnus delivers a solid story and world that all types of gamers will not regret diving into. How you play the game is that you can use the games voice capture technology to make your decisions or make your decisions by choosing the options on the screen. This is a plus as it allows you to play the game in the most comfortable fashion which is a feature that all will enjoy. Both methods to play the game work well so there is no problem here. What I liked about the game was that it allowed you to be the agent you wanted, whether it is a flirtatious cocktail drinking OO7 agent of more of a loose cannon type that keeps the villains guessing also if you go to the profile menu you will see that the game tracks your choices and shows you what kind of spy you are. An aspect of Codename Cygnus that gamers will enjoy is the great voice acting performances mixed with smart and funny dialogue that just adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. The final aspect of the game I liked was the price tag. The game you download from the app store comes with the prologue, this allows the gamers to try the game and see it is form them (which they will). After that you can purchase mission one for 2.99 this includes all 5 parts great value. My only problem was that your choices were a little predicable at times. Apart from that Codename Cygnus is a fine game,cannot wait for mission Two!

Rating Overall: 8/10
Price: Free
Mission 1 Price: $2.99

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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