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"Fantasy Themed?"

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy IOS

Tower defense games are great when they are well built. A problem that most gamers run into when choosing a tower defence game is Is the game worth it. Today I will tell you if Toy Defense 3 from Melesta Games is a tower defense for you. Toy Defense 3 brings in all the good elements that you want in a tower defense game and also adds some new ones that a gamer will appreciate. First is the game shows you the route that your enemies will be taking. This allows you to place your towers in the best strategic places so you can clear the level. The second is that you have a skill tree for your towers. This feature adds a lot of depth to the game as you can choose the role of each tower and how you use them. Another feature that makes this game unique is that your towers can be destroyed. This feature really balances the game as now you have to choose whether you want strong sturdy towers or ones with lots of fire power but lower defence. The one issue that some gamers may have is how chaotic the level can get. Each level you face a lot of enemies so the screen is crowded and you can sometimes lose track of your towers and then you will get bombarded and lose your gold metal. All that being said gamer will enjoy Toy Defense 3, this game is defiantly worth a play! Awesome game Melesta Games!

Rating Overall: 8.5/10
Price: $1.99

Dragon Finga

Dragon Finga IOS

The beatings you give are unrivalled with Dragon Finga. Dragon Finga from Another Place is a beat 'em up game like no other. The object of the game is to beat up as many enemies as you possibly can before you get K.Od or time runs out. What gamers will enjoy is the amount of stuff you can do in the game, for instance there are a lot of stages to play on each one you can unlock by reaching the required level. Each level has a set of enemies that get harder as you play and you will get extra points once you clear the set. This game is just full of wacky fun! To start, the way you beat up your enemies is you tap on the screen and your character will just fly across the screen completely rag dolling everywhere. The second is the art work; all the characters have these intense looks on their face that you cannot help yourself from smiling. The tiny issue with the game is that is a bit repetitive but this is normal on most iOS games. Dragon Finga is a free to play game with in game purchases, with the free version you are given a lot of content to enjoy. Young warrior use the way of the finger and vanquish the evil.

Rating Overall: 7/10
Price: Free

Blood Roofs

Blood Roofs IOS

The mission is to save the girl, kill the monsters and try not to fall off the roofs. Blood Roofs from Gamesmold is a bit of an older game on the app store which has now gone free. It is a game similar to Temple Run in the sense that your character is trying to get away from something unsavory, but this is no way the same game just re-skinned. To start in Blood Roofs your character is carrying a woman holding a gun; this allows you to shoot enemies in front of you. Another big difference is that there is gore in the game. Finally Blood Roofs is a title control game, which makes the game a little harder because if you over tilt you could lose but this is not a game breaking problem. The game also has multiple damsels in distress to choose from. Blood Roofs is an entertaining experience that will hold gamers attention but it is repetitive. A casual gamer or a fan of this type of game will get the most out of the game as it easy to pick up and play but a hardcore gamer will find some enjoyment. It is up to you, either run with the game or not just do not fall of any roofs.

Rating Overall: 6/10
Price: Free

Reviewed by: Ken Appleby

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Ken Appleby
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